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Location Management!

Locations in Malta are many and varied, it is possible within short distances to find areas that can double for everything from Ancient Rome to present day north Africa. In the past Malta has been successfully used to depict Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon, Italy and Britain among other countries. Many of the locations can be dressed to fit most periods in History. Most location fees are still at a very reasonable levels and the Governmental departments are always very helpful in facilitating anything from single road closures to the “take-over ” of whole villages and areas!

Location scouting is tailored to each production and its individual needs and budget. Once we have a brief of the type of locations being sought  we will initially make proposals from our large database  and then once we have a clear understanding  of what is required we will go out and find additional locations to propose and will endeavor to get back with new proposals within 24 hours.  We have a huge amount  in location management  and have an unblemished  record on all manner of productions,  from small one day shoots to multi-week, multi –location shoots.


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